Radon measurement and mitigation is what we do and what we stay focused on. We visit your home to perform communication (vacuum) tests in the appropriate areas of your basement to determine proper design and installation of your system. Once this is complete we can at that time give a quote on the system. Our team of Nationally Certified experts are dedicated to this field. We know the importance of removing the hazard of radon from your home. Radon in your home is, at this time, usually discovered during the buying/selling transaction as part of a home inspection. Radon may be found in air and water. Many people however may be living in a home they are not selling now. These homes should be tested as well. First Choice Radon installs mitigation systems for air and water using the latest Radon Mitigation Technology. The U.S. EPA currently recommends that levels of 4.0pCi/l or higher in the air should be mitigated. We guarantee our systems with results to be below 4.0pCi/l. Most systems can be installed in one day. At First Choice Radon we are dedicated to using the latest technology available, bringing our customers the best possible system available. Only top quality products are used. Our fans are made in the U.S. and come with a five year warranty. All of our systems are installed using the EPA protocols.

Our systems are designed and installed with an effort to cosmetically blend them into the house both inside and out.  The system becomes a permanent part of the house and as such, it is important to do the right "homework" to have an installation that will not only work correctly, but also be placed, not to be in your way. Here at First Choice Radon we strive to bring you the best possible system available, at a reasonable price.


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We are nationally certified and insured # RMT-104860